Monday, August 30, 2010

Why RTF 305?

For starters, I am in a FIG! Freud, Film, and Fun to be specific. I chose this FIG mostly because of the Media Studies course and the Psychology course.

Being a RTF major to me means that I must learn as much about the media and understand as much as possible the different versions of the media. Before I produce a film, or write a TV show, I need to understand the foundations of the film and television industries and to follow up with the speed that the media transforms every day.

I hope to learn more about the different types of media today: TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, internet, ect. Also, the different media outlets these types of media produce: DVR/TiVO, Blu-Ray, satellite radio, Facebook and other social sites, online news and magazines, etc.

Lets say I do become the next Tim Burton or Guillermo del Toro, I need to already have the knowledge of where my projects will be seen or heard about. I believe RTF 305 (Media Studies) is the first step.

Below: Youtube version of Smallville's Opening Credits! Sweet! Smallville's 10th season starts September 24th!

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