Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Blogging Experience...

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Before using the blog for RTF 305, I would only use blogs to review films, TV series, and music that I was interested in. Using the blog in RTF 305 made the lectures, screenings, and discussions more coherent , because the blogs were a chance to apply the information in a creative way.  The only difficulties I found using the blog at the beginning was trying to use videos as a visual in my posts. However, I quickly figured out how to use them, but found using pictures adapted my ideas better. 

I would definitely recommend using a blog in future RTF 305 and other undergraduate courses at UT. I find them creative and interesting. I enjoy applying the new information that I have learned in classes to something that is not a drag to take up my time. It's better than writing an essay or having to do some sort of extensive project. It's short and simple...gets the point across.

In the future, maybe students should be informed on how to do little tweaks in their blogs, like videos and making their pictures into collages. I figured this out on my own, but it would have been nice to be shown how to do this beforehand. Saves time.  

Yes, you can use my blog in a paper or report.

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