Monday, September 27, 2010

All in the Family Vs. Boy Meets World

 Boy Meets World is a sitcom that aired from 1993 - 2000. It is based on the life of  the central character, 11 year old Cory Matthews and his family and friends. The show begins with Cory and his years in junior high and the life lessons that he learns from then to his first year in college.

The issues that Boy Meets World dealt with included extreme issues such as racism, family neglect, hazing/bullying, and developing sexual urges in teens. In later years of the show the issues were loss of a family member, love, heartbreak, divorce, marriage,college harassment, friendship, and trust. As these issues are serious, the show usually took a humous tone and thus the issues were intertwined between the usual comedy based episodes.

All in the Family, centered around central character, Archie Bunker and his family, is about a WWII veteran and his clashes with the newer generation and their beliefs. Also a comedy, but usually intertwines issues such as racism, homosexuality, sexism/women's liberation, rape, and women issues such as miscarriage and menopause. This is similar to Boy Meets World, however the difference is the era in time these issues were presented and how they were dealt with. All in the Family in the 70's while Boy Meets World in the 90's. All in the Family also seemed to deal with more complex issues. However, it also took on a humorous tone.

All in the Family aired from 1971 - 1979. Unlike Boy Meets World, the show was not centered around an 11 year boy growing up and experiencing life and its challenges, but of an older man who was experiencing life in a generation much different from the way he grew up and understood the politics of things. While at the same time, Mr. Feeny, another Boy Meets World character deals with understanding the lives of his teenage students who are also a younger generation.

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