Saturday, September 18, 2010

Social Learning...and all of it's Friends

The media often brands certain images and behaviors of people as 'cool' or 'accepted'. The concept of social learning explains that people learn from one another through observation which leads to imitation and modeling. This theory is proposed by Albert BanduraThe media makes more money when a large group of people are buying their images which is almost free promotion in a way. The people are becoming models of the clothes, hairstyles, jewelry, and even the slang that springs from these images. 
A lot of this imitation and modeling is seen largely in teen images today from music artists. 
30 Seconds to Mars

Teen Imitator
As a result, the teens are basically destroying their own self image to mirror these unrealistic images of celebrities. 

Another example of social learning is the way the media proposes the way a woman or man should carry themselves. From the films, Tough Guise and Killing Us Sofly, the media highlights the stereotypes of the sexes. Women in the media who are characterized as beautiful are usually models and actresses. They should have perfect hair, skin, body type (thin), and basically look like life size barbies. Thus, young women observe these images and see them as the 'right' way to be and they imitate and model them. 

Nicole Kidman
Teen Model
It is similar with men. Men who want to be strong or 'tough' should act and look a certain way. The characteristics usually includes muscles. I mean, having muscles does mean you are strong...right?
Guns (or some other type of weapon) are also usually in the equation. 

Winchester Brothers from TV series 'Supernatural'
The point that I am making is that the images in the media greatly affect the images and personalities of the normal, non-celebrity population, especially the teens. 

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